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peggy olson
graphic designer:
design for web + print

received a bfa in digital media from the san francisco art institute in december 2001. although she has generally had a day job utilizing her skills, she has also been a freelance designer since 2001.

background: architecture, fine art photography + digital media

digital media degree: web design, image manipulation, photography, printmaking, video, sound, animation, 3d animation, interactive programming

experienced with: Acrobat, AutoCAD, AVID, BBEdit, Bridge, Cleaner, CSS, Director, Dreamweaver, Edit Plus, Entourage, Excel, Filemaker, Final Cut Pro, Fireworks, Flash, FormZ, FrontPage, HTML, ImageReady, InDesign, Illustrator, Max/MSP, Maya, MYOB, Now Up-to-date, Now Contact, Outlook, PageMaker, Photoshop, PowerPoint, Premiere, Quark, Quickbooks, Quicken, Sound Edit, Word...

been known to: design websites, business + personal stationary, direct mail pieces; manage company branding; shoot/edit photography + video

details: portfolio

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